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QP-SG-Pack 1

QuadroPack Pack-1

The Quadropack QP-Pack 1 (Servo driven) is a high speed flowpack machine designed for flexibility and durability. The servo driven design works in continuous mode with cross seal units that are equipped with rotating tools and multiple seal bars. The machine is able to achieve speeds up to 500 p.p.m.

The Quadropack QP-Pack 1 is servo driven and equipped with an Sigmatec PLC and colour touch screen. The system enables the operator, via an user-friendly interface, to enter machine parameters as well as access the machine.

In line with today's market demands this Quadropack flow wrap machine offers flexibility and adaptability enabling multi purpose customers to run different types of flowwraps (e.g. shape and material) as well as different sizes on one machine. Combining a smart design with the advantages of servo drives brings worry free operation, higher speeds, higher accuracy and more flexibility. As such, the Quadropack QP-Pack 1 provides a robust and cost effective answer to your production needs.

The Quadropack QP-Pack 1 is designed to work in tandem with a range of automatic and semi-automatic feeders and can be equipped with a complete package of options for an excellent price performance.
The QP-Pack 1 is used to run different types of flowwraps (e.g. shape and material) as well as different sizes.

Main Features

  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Machine design combines high performance with reliability.
  • Complete Control Solutions: one interface to control the flow wrap machine and infeed systems
  • Easy operation; user-friendly PLC and touch screen operation
  • Integrated t°-controllers
  • Low maintenance design
  • Easy change-over
  • Fully servo driven machine for high speed applications
  • Automatic film positioning
  • Automatic measurement of cut-off length
  • ICS (Intelligent film Correction System)


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